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Is your corporate mobile website built?

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China already has over 1 billion mobile phone users. With the development of mobile communications, mobile Internet access has gradually become an accepted Internet access method, especially in the context of 3G network opening. Mobile Internet access will become an important Internet access method.

Compared with computer surfing, mobile phone surfing is almost free of time, space, equipment and other restrictions. It is easy, casual, and the cost standard is within the acceptance range of most people. It is estimated that by 2013, the number of global mobile communication users will reach 500. 100 million people, 90% of whom will use mobile website services, while the number of fixed Internet users is expected to be 5 billion people, the business opportunities brought by it are self-evident.
Through mobile website technology, browse on the mobile phone, present the company and products and related information to all wireless end user websites. An additional platform for enterprise products can be displayed, which will open an unprecedented mobile phone consumer market.

Development of mobile websites

Mobile websites have now become the global de facto standard for accessing wireless information through mobile phones or other wireless terminals. Its development and applications are unlimited. The only limitation is your imagination. Mobile phone websites have not only changed many existing applications by leaps and bounds, but have also spawned more new value-added services.

For example, to support specific business processes, information transmission or field maintenance, including customer service and spare parts provision, message notification and call management, email, phone-based value-added services, group planning, weather and traffic information, map and location services, News and sports reports; most notably, it makes information services widely used on the Internet, gradually moving from providing pure information to becoming more interactive and ultimately e-commerce.

Benefits for business users

The perfect experience brought by the mobile Internet to ordinary users is the biggest charm that attracts marketers everywhere: people can browse the news, check stock quotes, conduct instant transactions, post blogs, and pay online through the mobile Internet anytime and anywhere. Realize mobile office and mobile life. All these must be based on the support of mobile phone websites. Mobile phone websites will provide more and more diverse services with the development of mobile Internet technology.

1. For traditional enterprises, the user group of mobile website is more fancy.

2. Mobile website users generally have considerable economic strength and status, which is a very important group of potential customers for enterprises.

3. After the website is established through the WAP virtual host, the website information can be browsed on any mobile phone in the country. There are no geographical restrictions. Services such as mobile phone website promotion are provided to facilitate user website promotion.

4. Regardless of whether the enterprise has established a website, you can directly apply for WAP virtual hosting, and the mobile website sends corporate information to mobile users to achieve the purpose of rapidly expanding the market and improving the corporate image.

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