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Yiteng Network's plan for website construction of small and medium-sized enterprises

Source: Yiteng Network Date: 2014-7-4 10:42:27 Visits: 5901 times

SMEs can introduce their corporate image and business, and publish technical and product information through the website. Through the network, SMEs can effectively expand their customer base and conduct effective communication and business exchanges with domestic and foreign partners.

Small and medium-sized enterprises often lack professional IT technicians, hoping to outsource all technical work including domain name registration, web page production and publishing, email, data backup, access statistics, and provide one-stop services. At the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises are also very concerned about the costs of website construction and maintenance of website construction companies, and hope that this price is within a manageable range.

Yiteng Network provides this kind of professional network technology service, which can be tailored according to the specific characteristics and needs of customers to carry out website planning, design, production, hosting and post-maintenance work. Customers can control the overall cost, Easy access to full Internet services.

Using the entry-level website construction company for small and medium-sized enterprises> website construction plan, companies can publish company profiles, new product information, product descriptions, publicize company services, contact methods, recruitment of talents, and collection of user feedback information on the Internet. website. Its webpage production can not only meet the requirements of users in multiple languages, but also vividly reflect the corporate image and product connotation by using FLASH animation and new 3D panoramic production technology; and you can choose a powerful information publishing system and customer message board to strengthen a large number of Promotion of information and increase customer communication channels.

Website Features:

1. Establish a brand:

Mainly for pre-sale services. Cooperate with products to enter the Chinese market for publicity and make full use of the advantages of the Internet for brand promotion;

2. Perfect service:

Mainly for after-sales service. Publish comprehensive service information for users to query.

3. Service introduction:

Through product introduction and solution introduction, potential customers can better understand the advantages and technical characteristics of Blue Water.

4. Personalized design:

Through the planning of Yiteng Network and the design of the overall website style, Longyue Steel Structure's website has a fast product effect, and the customer's impression of Longyue Steel Structure is fully affirmed. And adopt the appropriate multimedia layer technology.

5. Compatibility and standards:

At the same time support IE and NETSCAPE and a variety of browsers, at the same time support 1024 * 768, 1440 * 900, 1600 * 1200 and other screen resolution modes, and automatically adapt to various resolution modes.

6. Optimization and improvement:

Yiteng Network advises and assists customers in redesigning rationalized operating procedures through years of understanding of corporate websites, with clear navigation and prominent visual focus. Around the products and services, the most perfect explanation was made. The powerful multimedia display fully meets the diversified needs of users and enables the viewers to easily understand the knowledge of composite steel materials.

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