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Yiteng Network's plan for building a large community portal forum

Source: Yiteng Network Date: 2014-7-4 10:36:17 Visits: 6258 times

With the rapid increase of Internet users in China, the role of the Internet in corporate marketing has become increasingly important. The development of corporate websites has also entered a new stage from the past simple page, column, and FLASH stacking stage: the interactive marketing stage. This stage is characterized by:

While companies spend a lot of money on traditional advertising, the proportion of online advertising has increased significantly. Because the cost of Internet advertising is still far lower than the cost of television, newspapers and radio at this stage.

The value of websites as an important part of corporate marketing is increasingly recognized by businesses. In the past, one company was willing to spend tens of millions of yuan for marketing activities, but spent thousands or tens of thousands of yuan for websites, it was really upside down. After attracting users over the event, they faced outdated information and couldn't interact with the company, let alone stay in the network influence of the company. Therefore, like some well-known brand companies, when making marketing plans, they also allow the website to interact with each other at the same time: event registration, event points, event discounts, membership management, and so on.

The companies that matched Internet and traditional activities immediately discovered the question: Why not let users stay? The remaining users can continue to participate in the activities they host, without having to spend huge efforts every time to attract new users.

New communication methods such as mobile phone text messages, Internet faxes, station messages, and e-mails add fast, rapid, and real-time methods to the dissemination of information. They also increase the interest of dissemination and reduce the cost of dissemination. The rapid development of models has made companies feel that they should have provided such a platform for users already!

Therefore, the era of corporate community marketing websites has arrived!
The Yiteng online community website solution mainly solves the following problems:

1. Website marketing functions

Many people are right about website search engine promotion, which is right. However, it ignores the market function of the website itself and only regards the website as a transit point for contact methods.

Xinzeer insists that the website is not an electronic version of the corporate leaflet, but an online form of corporate marketing activities. Therefore, the website must be dynamic, lively, and actively communicate with users. The website must perform its own marketing functions. To this end, the Xinzeer community website solution will provide enterprises with community functions, allow users to actively participate in it, be familiar with the company's brand characteristics, and participate in the company's content construction and product marketing.

2. User participation function of the website

The user is registered, what does the user do? In other words, how can users make a profound impact when they finally visit the website?

Therefore, the website should provide reasons and opportunities for users to stay. In this way, free personal space is a way, users make friends with each other is a model, and providing user points is also a way. We have racked our brains in the offline world to do a lot of work to retain customers, so that customers have the greatest possible impact, then, there should also be someone in the enterprise thinking specifically about how to keep users in this large virtual space.

Recording and other functions, websites can use these tools to easily set up their own stage and allow users to participate.

3. Real-time interaction between website and users

After users participate, they need themes, and they need real-time interaction between marketers and users. Yiteng Network provides functions such as internal station messages, mobile phone short messages, and mass mailings to communicate with users in real time. At the same time, a powerful event platform allows companies to let their imagination go, carry out various and colorful market activities, interact with users in real time, and promote the brand image of the company.

4. Website content and advertisements are updated and presented in real time

Information release and product release are still the most basic content of the website. Yi Teng Network has many years of carrier-grade website development experience. Powerful content publishing tools allow users to publish and manage products and news information as they wish. They have multiple publishing forms for users to combine and choose, enabling users to colorfully display their company Image, product, and dynamic.

5. The column structure of the website is updated in real time

After the development of many companies' websites, adding features becomes a nightmare: developers must be redesigned, creative, and developed. The cycle is long and troublesome. Yi Teng Network's solution allows users to completely get out of this nightmare, allowing users to dynamically add functions and add columns by themselves.

6. Pure JAVA technology, like the quality of BMW engine

Yiteng network website solution is based on carrier-grade website solution. It adopts JAVA development and MVC architecture to make enterprise website quality outstanding.

The consensus in the industry is that although there are multiple technologies for developing websites, only JAVA can do the job of developing large websites. The object-oriented function of JAVA makes the architecture of the website good scalability and distribution. JAVA's multiple processing considerations in memory processing and code security make JAVA's security and access performance outstanding.

At the same time, the use of a completely open source platform eliminates the need for users to make huge investments in the software environment and reduces the cost of ownership of the enterprise.

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