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My company's corporate website often doesn't open, what should I do?

Source: Huainan Yiteng Network Date: 2014-4-23 10:40:34 Visit: 6638 times

Does your business website often fail to open? Is your business website often not searchable in Baidu search? Does your business website often lose data?

If all of the above three points are present, Yiteng Network has delayed you 5 minutes to answer your questions:

Websites often fail to open. There are only three cases:

First: there is a problem with the domain name server; second: there is a problem with the virtual host or server; third: congratulations, your website has been attacked by Ddos.

Websites often fail to open. Search engines can't retrieve anything from our corporate website. What effect will it have on our corporate website? The first is that customers will greatly reduce your company's image, the second is that Baidu's ranking will decline, and finally our website will no longer appear in search engines, and customers will no longer visit our website.

So how can you quickly find problems and solve them more effectively?

Yiteng Network has chatted with several customers and found and researched customer management websites. After finding that many customers have signed a contract with the website construction company, the company's website is basically left unattended in the later period. Which leads to the above problems. So why can't we get this information as soon as the problem arises? Sure it can. So how does it work? First of all, there must be a special person responsible for the website, which can update the company's latest news and product content for your corporate website. Followed by mobile text messages or email reminders. In this way, you can more accurately find out what is causing the website to fail to open because of a problem. Finally, back up your website data regularly.

Yi Teng Network has calculated a good account for your company and enterprise: If your company hires a professional who is engaged in website maintenance, we come to the minimum standard of 1,000 yuan per month, and how can it cost 12,000 yuan a year. It takes about 2500-3000 yuan to develop the SMS or email reminder function. This has not yet included the cost of SMS. Each SMS costs 8 cents to 1 cent.

After 1 month of program development and internal integration of the company, Yiteng Network has organized a set of solutions for corporate website maintenance. It mainly solves the problem that the website cannot be opened, SMS or email reminder, website data update and backup. It only needs 199 yuan per month, which completely solves the problem that your company's website is unmanaged and cannot be opened. Let your customers open your website every day, which will bring you more orders and corporate image display!

Website maintenance package reservation hotline: 0554-2918317; 15005547168 (the first 10 customers who successfully make a reservation each day will receive 1 user's 263 corporate post office for one year)

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