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According to our online survey, at present, 40% of the domestic Internet companies have not updated their website since the survey date, and the duration is from 2 years to 3 months; and websites that can be updated frequently (at least once a month) Less than 10%! This is a terrible set of numbers, enough to warn us.

Why should a corporate website maintain a website?

If we do not pay attention to timely updates and maintenance, the resources and energy we invested during the construction of the website will be wasted. And the existing customer data shows that we only need to help you do three website maintenance tasks (security maintenance, art design, website promotion), and the business benefits you bring to the enterprise through the network are at least ten times the investment in website maintenance ,even more.

Workflow for professional website maintenance?

First of all, the project manager helps determine the choice of maintenance plan, and the selection criteria are the end customer needs and industry characteristics.

Secondly, the maintenance team completes the maintenance work on time according to the customer's requirements, and submits it to the business system for review and confirmation by the customer. After the customer reviews and confirms, it is officially uploaded and released.

Huainan Yiteng Network has a professional after-sales service team. Our commitment is: 7 × 12 hours mobile phone support, 5 × 10 hours network support, and 1 hour after-sales response!

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