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Octave Network

Anhui Octave Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of modern e-commerce application technology and services. The company was established in August 2004. It is a leading domestic Internet business platform service provider. It mainly provides domain name registration, virtual hosting, cloud hosting, server hosting lease, cabinet, bandwidth lease, website construction, program development and other services to domestic and foreign customers. . In May 2010, Hong Kong Octave Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong, which provided a guarantee for Octave to open value-added business in Hong Kong.

Guangzhou new generation

Guangdong Jinwanbang Technology Investment Co., Ltd. specializes in data center services (including hosting and related value-added services, virtual hosting, corporate email, domain name registration, dedicated line access, bandwidth wholesale, disaster recovery backup, etc.), development and construction of bandwidth information networks, Value-added telecommunications service provider for information engineering and related services. The new-generation data center invested in 2000 has become the largest and leading Internet data center in South China!